33 Pages of Latgalian Swearing Words Coloring Book

33 Pages of Latgalian Swearing Words Coloring Book - Gleznukalns

33 Pages of Latgalian Swearing Words Coloring Book

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This is only printed physical Product, shipped packaged. Only Printed, No binding addapted. Stacked coloring pages.


For mildly rude Latgalian swearings and explicit art. This is no joke.

Buying this product You support artists from GLEZNUKALNS CREATIVE STUDIO. Thank You for helping to create more of unique art, its matters to us, BLESSINGS.


 This book contains 33 coloring Latgalian swearing words to color and mystic doodle art background to be amazed by.

The Latgalians  are the ethnic Latvians from region Latgale.  Latgalians share a common culture that sets them apart from other Latvians. Latgaliens happens to be The most kindest people in Latvia. 

Have a freind who's roots are from Latgale? This is a perfect gift for Them.

Feeling like Latgalian Yourself?  Or just want to express better with language of the kindest people on earth LATGALIANS? This book is right on spot for that. You can read it and color it or show it to Your collegues and friends.

 Im Latgalian myself.

One of my friends friend almost laughed out of having it as a gift.

Have fun, remember, swearing is no joke, use responsibly.



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