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Here You will find Frequently Asked Questions widely known as FAQ.



Are my payments secure?

Yes, your payments at Gleznukalns shop are 100% secure.

We accept credit card payments through one of the most trusted payment gateways and your information are confidential and are never stored. We also have integrated secure Paypal payments so you can always use your balance when making a purchase. 

We make sure our website is secure at all times and we are committed to giving you a safe and satisfying shopping experience.

How long does shipping take?

You can expect to receive your orders within 1 to 3 weeks once processed within the area of Latvia. While most products process within 1-3 days of ordering, some products may take a few days longer.  If there are any issues with your order, we will let you know immediately.  We want your expectations to be met or exceeded when you shop with us.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

How do I get my purchased printed books and arts?
After payment process, You will get notification in Your email.
After payment will be received Your ordered products will be shipped (preparation takes 1-3 days)
In which format book will be delivered?
Books are preprinted and binded. Packaged in water resistant and durable package. Boxes are used in bulk orders
Should I use coloring pencils, markers, watercolor or paints ?
Coloring pens, pencils and markers will do the trick for coloring books
Posters are available to color also with watercolors.
What do I get when buying Mystery box?
Its just impossible to know. Every Mystery box content is a secret. And is collected induvidually.
What value am I buying?
For 29.99 USD You are buying items worth 50 USD
How do I get my digital downloads, example coloring books ?
After payment process, you will get the link to download the pages of the book. 
In the meantime, you will receive by email, with your payment confirmation, the link to reach the same page to download.
Do I have to save the download on my computer ?
Yes, you can save the pdf file on your desktop or on your mobile to be able to access to it and print it again and again as much as you want. 
For safety reasons downloadable files are archived, You will need one of archivators to unzip it, example, Winrar, 7Zip, etc.
Please note that if you didn't save the file immediately after download, you will always be able to refer to the confirmation payment email received, where you will find the link to the page to download. 
Which format and size is the book ?
The format of the book is A4 : width 210 x height 297 mm But You can choose Your desired measures in printer settings.
Do I need a specific printer ?
Every printer will do good. All printer are supporting to print in A4  or other format.
What if I don't have a printer at home ?
No problem. You can send the file in pdf format by email to a friend, a neighbour or take it with usb flashdrive to Your local print agency. And they will print it or even bind it for You.
Do I need a specific software ? 
PDF reader and archivator will be fine. You will download the pages as a archived PDF file, then its ready to print. If it is archived, then You need to unzip it and save it to Your computer, then You can print it.
Can I print on any paper quality ?
Yes. For an optimal result, we advise to print on white paper 100g/m2 and heavier.
Can I print big posters at home ? 
Yes, most printers are offering to print on A4 and A3 paper. Bigger will be only awailable in You nearest local print agency.
Should I use coloring pencils, markers, watercolor or painting ?
Anything you want. Make a try with all, you can print unlimited copies and start again if messed up. For water-colors use thicker paper.
Can I get a payback ?
Only for damaged physical book via postal delivery, for digital downloads we can not offer this option.
If You cant find answer to some of Your question, please contact us.