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Ēriks Grosbergs  @gleznukalns

Ēriks Grosbergs @Gleznukalns Creative Studio

About author: 

His name is Ēriks and he is proud father, loving husband and very passionate about life and creating art that inspires.

He creates visionary art and  have tested multiple tehniques, mostly sticks to acrylic and graphic. Illustrates coloring and children books, recycles cardboard in to stunning car toy models, rides bicycle and swims in freezing water. Ēriks vision in life is to impact Positively and to enrich other lives as much as possible. Fundamentally we all want to be happy,  so each of us should and is the change we want to see in our world.

Ceated art pieces change viewers perception of reality, and this is the main goal of artist. To show whats behind the curtains. To let them think beyond the stage. And to drop some jaws (to create art worth amazment)

Author about himself:

About my art: I started doodling when I was 6 years old and doing it already more than 25 years with a few setbacks from time to time. Art is my therapy for overcoming lives challenges. When I create, I am in the zone where everything is possible. Intentionally in visionary art I do insert a lot of mysticism in the project, metaphysics and symbols. Imagination realms unseen with our physical eyes, rather the inner eye of IMAGINATION. I do study mindscience so it is apearant in my art, specially those spiritual, big wall posters, which by the way are available in Gleznukalns shop. You know, it is all about conscious and subconscious mind. I do also recycle cardboard into something amazing, pics at the end of article.

Right now I AM working on new project series, which will enrich and motivate parents and their kids to set and reach goals, to love their lives and share with it. Stories that inspire and move towards courage, action and persistance. We all want for our kids the best we have, so all of my created art was only for my beloved kids.I created cardboard cars, durable, coloring books for kids, etc. Only after came idea to share with the world and make it in a real deal.

About my vision: This is the most important part. When I create art, I think about what it will bring to my audience, how it will affect them and I do try my best to inspire. When raising kids, its important to stay positive and motivated all the way. My gorgeous wife leads by example and teach love, understanding, compassion and gratitude to our beloved boys. Understanding life true purpose, rising kids and to stay up to positive focus can be challenging at times. 

Why I founded Glaznukalns Creative Studio? For to bring my art and passions beyond limits, beyond countries, beyond hearts and beyond stars and galaxies. To create meaningfull content and to share it with the World. Available creations is listed in Gleznukalns Creative Studio Shop section.

Meanwhile enjoy my creativity below.

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Ēriks Grosbergs @gleznukalns


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