YTD creativity over-view on Gleznukalns Cretive Studio

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2021 YTD

published 25 items in shop

9 anti-stress coloring books finished

5 e-books on self help and meditation added

31 blog post created

51 instagram post created

total more than 5000+ hours invested in craft I LOVE!



In late 2019 I decided to bring my creativity to the next level. To create more meaningful, more personal art and thus, support my family. Choice was tough. Stress management and Self development was the choice. I wanted to merge 3 things, niches if You will. Meditation, Stress-relief and Coloring Books (arts)

2020 was slow AF. Had not got too many time to really focus on creativity as a lot was going on in our life. That totalitarian shit etc was hitting nerves and....

Studio was not primary. Family first, then day work, then hobbies. Geznukalns Creative Studio was my hobby, but now I focusing more dedication than before.

My creative work then was a hobby or a side hustle as it took me 9+ months to finish one coloring book. Yeah, I know. Muscle car coloring book #MUSCLERPM came out very detailed and project was around 400+ hours anyways. You can see more info here: MUSCLE-RPM


Next book in the 3rd quarter of 2021 #IAMCOLORINGBOOK came around 3 months, that is a record for us. its not Yet displayed in as some formatting is still needed to be done. Thou, You can check process on our GLEZNUKALNS INSTAGRAM

gleznukalns creative studio instagram profile


What will Gleznukalns Creative Studio will bring to You in 2022  ???

A few more coloring books for stress relief;

a few more art posters and canva prints

a few more collections +apparel  +home   +arts

a few more Self-Help e-books and videos

a few more breathing practices and meditation guides


For now all of the Gleznukalns created coloring books are available for digital downloads please see more here:

newest on Gleznukalns Creative Shop

 coloring pages

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