Finalization of Digital PDF Muscle Car Coloring Book

This all started when I had a lot of time to rethink what I would love to do with my life.

After serious wrist joint injury from an attack of undisciplined german shepherd my emotional stability came to wreck. I became angry and stressed by insignificant errors in daily life.

Emotional state jumped up and down and powerlessness of situation get me depressed.

I felt that I would love to do something bigger in my life.

I always wanted to do some creativity and arts so I asked my heart to confirm my desires.

Ideas came to me and I did resonate with line art, muscle cars and coloring books. I then researched a bunch of info on competitors and result is this book. I researched selfpublishing, shopify webstore and bunch of other things which empowered me to move forward as I believed that I can achieve my desires by creative work and disciplined mind. This I did.


I started to read a lot of selfhelp literature and become familiar with my mind and subconscious minds and the brain which is connected to these minds. Practiced various meditations and techniques to empower my mind. My intuition got better and in times of anger dismanagment I did not react to situation and did not get angry like before. Somehow my conscious mind started to magnetize or create circumstances in my life which helped this book came to daylight. There was setbacks and obstacles, disbelief in early stage of the project and disbelief of acomplishment from friends, but I did it, I self published this project and I am happy about it.

To draw these designs it took approximately 450-500 work hours or almost an age to finish.

All 33 line art drawings were scanned, processed and edited to bring You the best coloring experience. This Muscle Car Coloring Book is available as PDF download and as Printed Book

on our website

Goal of this project is to bring very complicated coloring experience as this was the most common broblem or better to say lack of complex designs in our competitor books, so we made

Muscle RPM the most complicated and authentic Car Coloring Book ytd

from  Gleznukalns Creative Studio

Author: Ēriks Grosbergs


For updates on art please follow on

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