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Hi guys, want to share something special this week.

Have You ever bought some stuff blindfolded? Well, if not, here is You chance.

There is one special item added to shop section, this item will surprise You as it is intended to do so. You will not be able to tell whats in it until its in Your lap unwrapped.

Only HINT is, that  is art collectible item and there will be note with explanation for deeper meaning. 

Item will be wrapped with brown gift wrap. Shipped with tracking nr.

You can directly teleport to this item by clicking on this link:

 only #10 available



  • Gleznu Kalns

    Thank You James, You are so kind.
    We will surely create more authentic stuff.

  • James Brown

    This is so awesome, I like what You creaate, these unique art collectibles are definetly item to buy and be amazed. looking forward to Your creations. Heads up!

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