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Intro on Gleznukalns Creative Studio, What do I create?

Further I decided to recycle Cardboard. Recycling cardboard in to cool toys like cars and motorcycles for my sons become interesting journey as imagination is used constantly. I have glued toge kother one big car enough for 5 year old to sit in and few small toy cars to play: fire truck, tractor digger, sports car, truck car and a muscle car- all from recycled cardboard.

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Teaching Goal Setting and Goal Achieving to Kids

One of the biggest parenting goals we have are to teach our children how to take responsibility for their own behavior and thinking. To facilitate a healthy self-esteem, and to cultivate a growth mindset so that they hit through challenges and work through failures and tough times. These goals produce confident, capable kids who have what they need to succeed at reaching their fullest potentials. Goal-setting is a simple way for kids to build confidence and self-esteem, learn responsibility, and gain a ,,I CAN DO IT,, 

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Here we are

Taking first steps to setting our shop on track. I would say plenty of stuff comes easy, still trying to figure all out by myself thou. Seems I will be needed Youtube tutorials anyways :D

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