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Added unique art collectable MYSTERY ITEM

Have You ever bought some stuff blindfolded? Well, if not, here is You chance. There is one special item added to shop section, this item will surprise You as it is intended to do so. You will not be able to tell whats in it until its in Your lap unwrapped. Get Your lucky chance to get one of 5 selected unique art collectibles worth 50 USD

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Intro on Gleznukalns Creative Studio, What do I create?

Further I decided to recycle Cardboard. Recycling cardboard in to cool toys like cars and motorcycles for my sons become interesting journey as imagination is used constantly. I have glued toge kother one big car enough for 5 year old to sit in and few small toy cars to play: fire truck, tractor digger, sports car, truck car and a muscle car- all from recycled cardboard.

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