Intro on Gleznukalns Creative Studio, What do I create?

Gleznukalns Creative Studio was founded by artist Gleznukalns, more about him in this section: About Gleznukalns

 All art I create is a representation of my state of consciousness, my being. 

Vision is to alter perception of viewers, create art worth attention.

This Art creation studio (Gleznukalns Creative Studio) is a reminder of my truest gift to the world. Truest life's blessing is to share my works with others. 

I do remember the time I started drawing. I was six Years old then. Scribbles and short comics was often drawn on a sides of newspapers as blank paper sheets was deficit. Time went, got some setbacks, but always my creativity breaketh trough again and again after every fall I got up. I always wanted to create art that inspires. My work brings new insights and perspectives. Some of my art is visionary and transcendental, extraordinary and original to its core. Let there be light.

spiritual coloring poster, big poster of cat energy

Coloring books with Ridiculously Supercharged Drag Race Cars and Horses, Ponies and Unicorns are one of the first coloring books which streches kids ability to color more carefully. Kids do love to color. It is one of the simplest  methods how to calm a mind and train in coloring small details, lines and curves.

Supercharged dragrace car coloring book, car coloring book free download, cars coloring book pdfgleznukalns creative studio, coloring book for kids, flying horse jumping trough clouds, coloring book for girls

If I compare then and now then now my drawings become smoother, more realistic than before as skill for drawing and sketching increased over time and in-came unique doodling technique for backgroune. Doodlin or as I call them: ,,AutoDooDling" Auto brcause of its ability to be drawn on autopilot, I just take my pencil or pen and the  wentmoment I touch the and drawing field.... and MAGICK happens. One's ability  to draw and write is truly remarkable.

Frther I decided to recycle Cardboard. Recycling cardboard in to cool toys like cars and motorcycles for my sons, it has become an interesting journey. My imagination is used constantly. I have glued together one big car enough for 5 year old to sit in (wooden chasis, super durable) one  small ride-on motorcycle which now is in maintinence of wheels, will be upgraded to sealed bearings set. Some cool cardboard play cars like: fire truck, tractor digger, sports car, truck car and a muscle car- all from recycled cardboard. Not all listed in picture below:



acrylic painting mountains, colorfull sky, original painting by gleznukalnsmagnetic dance in acrylic painting, colorful magnets, acrylic painting

acrylic painting, original artwork by gleznukalns, deep dear, acrylic paintingfish dance original artwork by gleznukalns, painting by gleznukalns creative studio, acrylic paintings drawing

 Last bicycle project finished with reflective sticker covering all of my single speed bicycle. Looks pretty lit at night. And remember bicycle is the finest mode of transport known to man, ever.

reflective bicycle, tron at night, bicycle day 2020 and 2019 albert hoffman

 Some Drawings was fundamental in my journey as these two which symbols meaning of life and shattering old self and break trough to new taught.

transcendental drawing, missing peace, achieve with knowledgemoment of truth shattering, birth of a new taught outhor, marker drawing   


 This is what I do @Gleznukalns Creative Studio. This is my art.

I create, therefore I AM.

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